Antenatal classes for women who want to know everything about childbirth in the Netherlands

Bevalwijzer means ‘Delivery Guide’ in English. As professional midwives we provide guidance through a range of comprehensive classes for both you and your partner in preparation of the delivery and postpartum time.

Our classes are not only about the physical element of childbirth, we also focus on the mental and practical aspects of the delivery. We provide objective professional information, enabling you to gain valuable insight and realistic expectations. As a result, you will experience a sense of ease and control and feel empowered.




All Bevalwijzer midwives want expectant mothers to have a positive and informed outlook on delivery. Therefore, our antenatal classes focuses on providing you objective and timely information that enhances your knowledge and insight and, gives you and your partner realistic expectations.

The importance of a positive birth experience
Giving birth is a life-changing event. This experience will last a lifetime. If you are able to look back on the delivery and your own role as a satisfying life experience, then this will give you a sense of pride and accomplishment. Feeling positive about your delivery will give you confidence as well as a beautiful memory.

Knowledge is power
The more professional knowledge you have about childbirth (there is a lot of misleading information on the internet), the greater the chance of looking back on a positive experience. This means that having the right information at the right time is key. Providing the right information when you need it is a skilled process, that’s why we only employ professional and qualified midwives.


Everything you need to know about giving birth in the Netherlands. All captured in one efficient, hands-on class for you and your partner in a group setting together with other couples. Learn about the different stages of delivery, breathing techniques, tools for dealing with pain, how to support each other and more. We cover it all and are happy to answer any question you may have.


Get ready for your baby’s arrival in a private session with the content tailored to your individual needs: delivery, breathing techniques, breastfeeding or a combination of the above and more: a short and powerful session from the comfort of your own home. This session is also useful if you’ve given birth before and just want a brief refresher.

“Your body is doing it,

but your head must also cooperate

A Bevalwijzer course or session as a gift!

It is possible to give the one-day antenatal class or a private session as a gift voucher! A birthday or baby shower present for your friend, daughter, wife, colleague. Send us an email and we will be delighted to help you with this lovely present!

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