Article 1: General

1.1 The general terms and conditions apply to all Bevalwijzer courses.
1.2 The pregnancy courses of Bevalwijzer are courses in preparation for childbirth and / or the postpartum period and breastfeeding.
1.3 By Bevalwijzer trainer is understood the midwife who gives the course.
1.4 The student is understood to mean the pregnant woman and her partner. By partner is understood the person who will support the pregnant woman during her delivery.

Article 2: The Bevalwijzer classes

2.1 The various courses, the course dates and times are listed on https://www.bevalwijzer.nl/?lang=en 
2.2 The One day Antenatal class is followed by the pregnant woman and her partner or someone who supports her during the delivery.

Article 3: Registration

3.1 One registration is sufficient for one couple (pregnant woman and her partner). Registration for courses is via the booking system on the website https://www.bevalwijzer.nl/?lang=en or by e-mail.
3.2 Bevalwijzer confirms this registration within a few days. You will also  thereceive additional course information within a few days via e-mail.
3.3 Registrations are processed in order of receipt. When a course is fully booked, it cannot be booked anymore. In that case, the student can be placed on the reserve list. If another (earlier or later) course is suitable for the student, she can register for it and if someone from the first course choice fails, the student will be notified.

Article 4: Payment

4.1 After registration and payment via https://www.bevalwijzer.nl/?lang=en or www.bevalwijzer.thinkific.com, the student will receive a registration confirmation.
4.2 If there was no online payment, the course fee must be credited to the Bevalwijzer account no later than 10 days after the confirmation of registration. After receipt of the payment, the course space is definitively reserved for the student. The student will be informed of the payment method by email.
4.3 Registration requires payment.
4.4 If it is a problem for the student to pay the full amount in one go, she can contact info@bevalwijzer.nl to discuss options for payment in installments.
4.5 A large number of health insurers reimburse all or part of the costs of the course. The amount of this reimbursement varies per health insurer. Most health insurance companies will reimburse after the course is fully completed. Ask your health insurer about the policy conditions. The responsibility for applying for reimbursement from the health insurer lies with the student.
4.6 If proof of participation and / or payment is required for the health insurer, Bevalwijzer can provide this for the student. The student is responsible for requesting the above-mentioned proof.

Article 5: Correspondence

5.1 Correspondence takes place via email. It is therefore important that the course participant informs Bevalwijzer in good time by e-mail when the correspondence address has changed.
5.2 If the student cannot be physically present, due to pregnancy complaints, illness or complaints related to COVID19, the lesson can be followed digitally through the online learning environment.

Article 6: Cancellation by the participant

6.1 If the student cannot participate in the course due to circumstances, this must be reported by email.
6.2 If canceled up to 4 weeks before the start of the course, 100% of the paid course fee will be refunded, minus 25 euros for administration costs. If canceled from 4 weeks to 2 weeks before the start of the course, 50% of the paid course fee will be refunded, minus 25 euros for administration costs. From 2 weeks before the start of the course, 100% of the course fee is due.
6.3 This is based on the official booking date of the course. Subsequent shifts to another date are therefore not included in this calculation.
6.4 Switching to a later course is only possible in consultation. Switching from a fully booked course to another date is only possible if the vacant spot can be filled. Since we work according to a Franchise formula, switching to another location is only possible in consultation and it is seen as a cancellation from location A and a new registration for location B. We adhere to the conditions regarding a cancellation.
6.5 Full refund of the paid course fee (minus administration costs of €25) can only be made if one of the following exceptions is the case:

  • If the student gives birth prematurely (before 37 weeks of pregnancy) before the start of the (first) day of the course / private session. It is mandatory to show a statement from the doctor / midwife.
  • When, for medical reasons, the student cannot participate in the course as a person and there is no possibility to follow the course via the online learning environment (showing a statement from the doctor / midwife is mandatory).
  • When another student takes over the place before the start of the course (this can sometimes only be clear just before the start of the course)
Article 7: Cancellation by Bevalwijzer

7.1 Bevalwijzer reserves the right to cancel a course in case of insufficient registrations and in situations of force majeure (all external causes over which Bevalwijzer has no influence, including: flood, earthquake, strike, war, changed government measures, virus outbreak, diseases, epidemics, pandemics. or quarantines). The possibility will be offered to join another course or to follow the Online course with an additional video call.
7.2 In case of force majeure, the course will be converted to the online learning environment (One day Antenatal class, Private Sessions). 
7.3 In the event of illness of a Bevalwijzer trainer, an attempt will initially be made to postpone the course to another day. If this is not possible, the course will be converted to online.
7.4 If no alternative can be offered, the course fee will be refunded or held in deposit for a subsequent / different course.
7.5 If there are insufficient registrations (<5 registrations), this will be reported no later than 5 days in advance.

Article 8: Confidentiality

8.1 The command guide will treat all information provided by the student confidentially. This is also expected of the students among themselves.
8.2 The Bevalwijzer course and follow-up material is confidential. There are therefore consequences for forwarding this material. That is why Bevalwijzer trusts that this will be handled with care.

Article 9: Right of withdrawal

9.1 The physically planned delivery guide courses and sessions fall under events and the right of withdrawal thus lapses.
9.2 The online courses are delivered within the 14-day reflection period. This automatically waives the right of withdrawal.

Article 10: Complaints

10.1 The student can submit a complaint by e-mail to info@bevalwijzer.nl 
10.2 A complaint will be handled within 14 days.

Article 11: covid19

11.1 Bevalwijzer closely follows government guidelines and advice. In case of changes in the measures / advice from the government, these automatically apply to our general terms and conditions.
11.2 If it is not possible, due to covid 19, to have the course physically take place, the course will be converted to the online learning environment and there will also be a live online video call with the entire group. A second option is to switch to a later course (if there is still enough available spots).
11.3 The student retains access to the online learning environment for 2 weeks after her due date.
11.4 If the course cannot physically continue due to government guidelines/advice, Bevalwijzer has no say in this and it is force majeure for Bevalwijzer. Bevalwijzer therefore does not have to refund the course fee to the student.
11.5 If the student is not able to physically follow the course due to covid19, the course can be followed via the online environment at home. A handout will be sent to the student and there is an opportunity to have contact via a (video)call.
11.6 Bevalwijzer requests its students to stay at home in case of (mild) complaints that are appropriate for covid19 (sneezing, sore throat, loss of taste and / or smell, cough, fever, diarrhea, vomiting).
11.7 Bevalwijzer requests the student to stay at home if they have recently been in a high-risk area or on vacation and the quarantine period has not yet expired.
11.8 Bevalwijzer requests its students to stay at home if they share a household with someone who takes care of a covid19 patient or someone who has tested positive herself.
11.9 Command guide asks her students to stay at home, she is still waiting (s) for a test result.
11.10 Bevalwijzer requests its students to stay at home after contact with a proven covid19 positive person pending a test result 5 days after this contact.
11.11 Bevalwijzer requests its students to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds upon arrival.
11.12 Bevalwijzer requests its students to wear a mouth mask when entering and walking around. When the student is seated, this mouth mask can be removed.
11.13 Bevalwijzer requests its students to keep 1.5 meters away from other students and the Bevalwijzer trainer.
11.14 Bevalwijzer invites its students to sneeze or cough in elbows.
11.15 Bevalwijzer requests its students not to shake hands with other students and Bevalwijzer trainer (s).
11.16 The same conditions as mentioned above apply to all Bevalwijzer trainers.
11.17 The Bevalwijzer will ensure proper cleaning of the course room. In addition, Bevalwijzer will ensure that there is airing before the start of the course. During the courses, Bevalwijzer will keep windows open as much as possible.
11.18 Bevalwijzer will organize the course location in such a way that a minimum distance of 1.5 meters can be maintained between the other course participants.

Article 12: Liability

12.1 Participation in the Bevalwijzer courses is at your own risk. Bevalwijzer is not liable for any damage caused or related to participation in the Course.
12.2 Bevalwijzer is not responsible for the medical condition of the student.

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