Article 1: General

These General Terms and Conditions are applicable to all childbirth classes given by Bevalwijzer.

Article 2: The Bevalwijzer classes

The one-day and private pregnancy courses are meant for the expectant mother and, if so desired, her partner or another person who will tend to her while she gives birth. The classes are scheduled in advanced; all dates and times are fixed.

Article 3: Application

Participants of Bevalwijzer classes can apply for one-day or private childbirth classes by writing an e-mail or filling in the online application form. Bevalwijzer will confirm the application by e-mail within a few days.

Article 4: Payment

The fee needs to be paid within 10 days upon receiving the written and e-mailed confirmation of the application. Upon receiving the payment, the application is final and a class is reserved for the participant. The applicant will be notified of the mode of payment by e-mail.

Article 5: Cancellation by the participant

If the participant is unable to attend the class, due to unforeseen circumstances, she will notify Bevalwijzer in writing by e-mail. If the participant cancels up to 4 weeks prior to the confirmed class, the paid fee will be returned in full (minus 20 euros admin costs). If the participant cancels from 4 weeks to 2 weeks prior to the confirmed class, 50% of the paid fee will be returned (minus 20 euros admin costs). If the participant cancels from 2 weeks up to one day prior to the confirmed class, the participant will pay the full fee for the childbirth class.

Article 6: Cancellation by Bevalwijzer

Bevalwijzer reserves the right to cancel a childbirth class if the number of applicants is insufficient or unforeseen circumstances that are beyond our control. In that case the paid fees will be returned in full. Participants will also be offered the opportunity to schedule a new private childbirth class or attend another class.

Article 7: Confidentiality

Bevalwijzer will treat all information disclosed by all participants with confidentiality. All participants are also expected to treat the private information other participants with confidentiality.

Article 8: Liability

All participants of the Bevalwijzer classes partake in the classes at their own risk. Bevalwijzer is not liable for any damage caused by or in connection with participation in one of the Bevalwijzer classes. Furthermore, Bevalwijzer cannot be held responsible for the medical condition of a participant.

A Bevalwijzer course or session as a gift!



It is possible to give the one-day antenatal class or a private session as a gift voucher! A birthday or baby shower present for your friend, daughter, wife, colleague. Send us an email and we will be delighted to help you with this lovely present!


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