Private Session


During a private session one of our Bevalwijzer midwives will visit you in the comfort of your own home. We will discuss and explain everything you want and need to know about the delivery. This can be the stages of delivery itself, the procedures in the Netherlands (including our role and obligations), breathing/ relaxation techniques, breastfeeding, the postnatal period or all of the above. 


“Het was super! Ik heb nu alle puntjes op de i kunnen zetten en ben volledig up-to-date! Ik ga met een zelfverzekerd gevoel de bevalling tegemoet! Ook mijn partner weet nu goed wat ons te wachten staat.”




“De sessie bij ons thuis was perfect. De precieze gerichte info over mijn situatie, al onze vragen zijn beantwoord. De visuele ondersteuning was fijn.”  

Ellen & Bart

During a private session we will visit you at your home where we discuss everything according to your specific needs, i.e. Delivery, but also Breathing and Relaxing techniques, Breastfeeding, the Postpartum Period, or a bit of everything;-). A childbirth class can build confidence in yourself and provide the opportunity to discuss any fear or uncertainty you might have. Honest and open information help to develop realistic expectations about the delivery, maximizing the chance of having a positive birthing experience.

For example, during the Delivery class we’ll inform you about the Dutch health care system and all the phases of the delivery, how to cope with pain, breathing during dilation, pushing techniques, methods of pain relief, ways your partner can support you, etc. The aim is to give you a full understanding of the delivery, fysiologically and mentally.


Why choose a private session?

Because you’re unable to attend the scheduled one-day classes

Because you’ve already gave birth before and only like some ‘refreshing’.

Because your situation or question is very specific.

Because you (and/or your partner) want to be informed in English.

Because you don’t enjoy group sessions.


The duration and price of a private session is depending on your situation. Please email us to discuss your wishes: (Kennemerland), (Amsterdam) or (‘t Gooi), or use the sign up button.


A private session only about birth takes approximately 2 hours. At a glance, this includes everything you need to know about: how to know your labour has started, the support your partner can give, possible complications, how to deal with contractions and pain and everything in-between. This also allows to discuss specific questions you may have. For a 2nd or 3rd birth it is useful to discuss your upcoming delivery in light of the previous one(s): what went well and what did not go so well, and: what could you do different this time? The costs of a session of 2 hours are €160 and including a hand-out and taxes.

“Wat een eyeopeners toen we mijn eerste bevalling even doornamen. Ik kan nu met veel meer inzicht de tweede in. En sowieso lekker dat ik nu alles weer weet, en ook nog veel nieuws gehoord!”


“Ik vond het vooral heel fijn dat ik nu echt begrijp hoe de ‘sequence of events’ kan verlopen. Van de voorwee tot de real deal en hoe je daarmee om kan gaan! Heerlijk down to earth!!”


A Bevalwijzer course or session as a gift!



It is possible to give the one-day antenatal class or a private session as a gift voucher! A birthday or baby shower present for your friend, daughter, wife, colleague. Send us an email and we will be delighted to help you with this lovely present!


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