All Bevalwijzer midwives want expectant mothers to have a positive and informed outlook on delivery. Therefore, our antenatal classes focuses on providing you objective and timely information that enhances your knowledge and insight and, gives you and your partner realistic expectations.




We both found it an instructive and enjoyable day. Everything was well covered and was very pragmatic! Space to laugh, but also to say what you feel/find relative to different things. The trainer felt very well what the group needed.”

Anne & Rob

Why these courses?


You cannot predict your delivery, but you can definitely prepare for it. Most pregnant women want to. Moreover, it appears that if you are well informed and have realistic expectations about the delivery, you are more likely to look back on it with a positive feeling.

But how do you prepare? 

Most pregnancy classes focus only on the physical aspect of the delivery (breathing and pushing techniques) and not on the mental aspect: what are your expectations, how do you deal with the pain and how do you stay motivated? The Bevalwijzer classes cover both aspects.


Course content

You get information about the stages of birth, the pain and ways to deal with it,  including pain relief. Also, we will talk about the procedures at the hospital and any medical bells and whistles.

Obstetricians know everything about pregnancy, childbirth and the postpartum period. We would like to share all the realistic and important information. We will teach you all the breathing-, relaxation- and pushing techniques. Everything to be ready and prepared!

Whether in a group, together with your partner, alone, or privately at home, prepare whichever suits you best. A pregnant woman who is well informed about the birth and the initial period that follows, feels mentally stronger. This gives you the needed confidence for a good start!




Good course from start to finish! Very useful to see both physiological details as well as behavioral possibilities (and much more). Great recommendation for partners who (like me) want to get up to date quickly!



Manon de Graaf

Manon de Graaf

Bevalwijzer owner, midwife and trainer

Manon want to ensure that fresh parents look back on childbirth with a good feeling; How it has expired, at home or in the hospital, with or without pain relief.

Manon is convinced that the key is in information: information can increase your knowledge and insight and create realistic expectations. With the right expectations, you come to stand for less surprises and this increases the feeling of control over childbirth and about yourself.

Kirsty Schellekens

Kirsty Schellekens

Franchisee Leiden, midwife and trainer

Kirsty has her own Bevalwijzer location in Leiden since January 2021. Her goal is to enable women and partners to enter labor and postpartum with enthusiasm, good cheer and confidence. She will prepare you from A to Z for the upcoming delivery, maternity period and breastfeeding.

As Kirsty was raised bilingual, she also teaches her courses in English and is the face of the English Online Course in preparation for childbirth (click here).

Selina Hekelbeeke

Selina Hekelbeeke

Franchisee IJmond, midwife and trainer

 Selina has her own course location in IJmond and surroundings. Every pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period is different. Guidance, advice and support are so incredibly important in this! That is why Selina will prepare you in small groups for this intense period. This leaves room for personal questions.

Selina is ready to give you the support and guidance you need!


Sophie Bouwes

Sophie Bouwes

Franchisee Haarlem, midwife and trainer


Sophie works as a midwife in Haarlem, passionately carries out the wonderful profession as a midwife and is also a Bevalwijzer franchisee in Haarlem.
She will prepare you for the delivery. No two births are the same and only a few deliveries go exactly as “planned”. That is precisely why good preparation for possible unexpected twists and turns is so important for the ultimate delivery experience.

Wies Spanbroek

Wies Spanbroek

Franchisee Arnhem, midwife and trainer

Wies has been working as a midwife in Arnhem  since 2018 and runs her Bevalwijzer district there with great enthusiasm.
For her, the most special thing about the profession is the personal contact that is built up in a short time. She is therefore very much looking forward to getting to know you and to take you along in what is to come via Bevalwijzer in a pleasant way. By sharing all the ins and outs, she gives you the confidence that however your delivery goes, you are well prepared for this special experience.

Magalie Rock

Magalie Rock

Midwife and trainer


Magalie is a midwife originally from Belgium. She has been living and working in Amsterdam since 2016. Magalie gave birth to her beautiful son Louie during the COVID-19 Lockdown.
Her mission is to make the birth of a child as beautiful as possible. Magalie believes that everything starts with good preparation and clear information. She will give you more peace and confidence through this information so that you can embark on the adventure.

Anna Noordervliet

Anna Noordervliet

Midwife and (mindfulness)trainer


Anna has been in the profession for almost 20 years and has been allowed to accompany many childbirth.

Most deliveries are not planned, and yet you can prepare for it. Anna is a proud mother and likes to take her own experiences during the courses.

Anna has also recently started a mindfulness training!

A Bevalwijzer course or session as a gift!



It is possible to give the one-day antenatal class or a private session as a gift voucher! A birthday or baby shower present for your friend, daughter, wife, colleague. Send us an email and we will be delighted to help you with this lovely present!


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