One-day Antenatal Class




This provides everything you need to know about giving birth in the Netherlands, explained in one practical and efficient Saturday session. After this class you and your partner will know what to expect during the delivery, what to do and how to support each other.

You’ll gain much more insight into the delivery process, not only physical but also psychological and practical information. All stages of the delivery will be discussed chronologically and you will receive useful information about the entire childbirth process (the who, what, when and where of having a baby). You’ll also receive succinct information about breathing techniques and the tools to deal with pain. The pros and cons of the various pain relief options are also covered, as well as what to expect and, how to deal with potential complications. Of course, we’ll also talk about how your partner can be supportive, including the dos and don’ts. In short, we’ll cover everything with you and answer any questions that you have.

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 Additional information:

bullet-2On a Saturday from 1 pm till 5.30 pm.
bullet-2Our advice is to attend this class between the 30th and 38th week of your pregnancy.
bullet-2Minimum of 4, maximum of 12 couples.
bullet-2Everyone is welcome, whether it’s your first, second or third baby, and whether or not you have a medical complication.
bullet-2Costs: €120 per couple incl. taxes/drinks/fruit and digital hand out.