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Is it possible to give one of the classes or a session as a gift / to get a gift voucher?

Yes, it is!! Send us an email and we will be more than happy to help you with such a lovely present.

Are the classes covered by my health insurance?

Every insurance company and policy is different. For questions regarding a compensation for one of the classes it would be best to contact your insurance company directly. The Bevalwijzer midwives are all registered at the BIG-register (a register to ensure the competence of a healthcare provider) and are in possession of an AGB-code (an identification code for health care providers). Both of these data will be mentioned in the invoice. If proof of payment and/or of participation is needed, we can provide this by all means. Bevalwijzer is independent and not linked to assocations.

If a class is being covered by your health care insurance, you need to pay it yourself first. Afterwards, so after the class has taken place, you submit the invoice to them. Otherwise the insurance company will send the invoice right back to you.

What it the difference between an information evening at my midwifery practice or the hospital and the One Day Antenatal Class?

At an information evening of your midwifery practice most of the time they explain quite basicly what the delivery contains, which role the midwife has, how you can reach her en when you may/need to call her. The information being given by the hospital is mostly clinical orientated (pain relief, complications, etcetera). The One Day Antenatal Class goes beyond that: not only do we give you knowlegde about WHAT to expect, we also go into further depth of the HOW to’s; how to cope with contractions, how to cope with pain, what different pain relieving methods there are (physical, mental and medical), how to breathe during labor (including breathing techniques), what it will be like giving birth in a hospital, what complication can occur, which role your partner could take, etcetera etcetera.

Do I also have to follow a class in yoga or something else besides the Bevalwijzer class?

No, that isn’t necessary. Of course you have to decide for yourself if you want to follow another class. Content wise, though, you are fully informed of everything you need to know when you have attended one of our classes.

What is the content of a Private Session?

During a Private Session we run through the whole labor and delivery process in aproximatly 2 hours. Short and powerful, you could say. We accentuate those things you want or need information about (for example; the start of the labor, breathing techniques, coping with contractions or pain, pain relief methods, practical issues, the health system in the Netherlands, etcetera). Naturally, you can ask us any question you want. If you previously have given birth, we will take those experience(s) into account as well.

What are the costs of a Private Session?

The costs of a Private Session fully depend on the duration of your session, which on its turn is fully depending of your needs. Send us an email to discuss the possibilities.

Still a question?

Is the answer on your question missing? Just email us and we will contact you back with an answer within a few days.

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A Bevalwijzer course or session as a gift!



It is possible to give the one-day antenatal class or a private session as a gift voucher! A birthday or baby shower present for your friend, daughter, wife, colleague. Send us an email and we will be delighted to help you with this lovely present!


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