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English spoken online course: Preparing for your delivery


Start whenever you want. After your registration you will get access to the online environment. You keep this access up to six months after purchasing the course. So you can follow the course at your own pace: everything in 1 day, step by step and possibly go back again if necessary. There is a date above this event, because it was required in the system. This is therefore not a mandatory start date of the course, you determine that yourself!

During this online course we will give you all the information about giving birth in the Netherlands in about 6 hours. You can follow this course via your computer, your phone or via a tablet. The online learning environment remembers where you left off and therefore you can easily resume a lesson.This makes it very practical and efficient.

Everything you want and need to know is explained chronologically all at once. After this course, you both know what to expect during childbirth, what to do and what not to do and what you can do as a partner to support you.The course aims to give you complete insight into childbirth: physical, mental and practical. You will receive an explanation about the organization of the delivery (who, what and where). The different stages of childbirth are also discussed chronologically. You will receive clear information about breathing techniques and tools for dealing with the pain. Also all the pros and cons of all pain relief options and what to expect in the event of any complications. Your birthpartner (the person who will support you during your delivery) are included in this as a common thread: how can you support your wife/girlfriend/daughter and what you have to do or should not do. We really go through everything!

At the end of the course there is room to schedule a video call so that I can personally answer any questions that have been raised. You will then receive a handout so that you can read all the information again if desired.

The Bevalwijzer course can be followed online via your computer, telephone or tablet. After registering for this course you will receive a personal link, code and password to access the environment. You keep this access up to six months after purchasing the course. You can start, continue and / or go back at any time.

You can ignore the date for this event. This is required in the system, but you can of course decide for yourself when you start! All modules are in the online learning environment, so you can decide for yourself whether you want to complete the entire course in one day or split it over several days/weeks. Please note: when you pay via IDEAL, it is not automatically linked to the online learning environment. IDEAL payments is an option that we wanted to offer, but requires a manual link from us. We will fix this within 1 day. Are you in a hurry? Send an SMS to 06-31310343 so that we can speed things up!


English spoken Online Bevalwijzer course

Prepared for your delivery from the comfort of your own home. During this complete online birth course we will give you all the information in 6 hours. You can follow this course via your computer, your phone or via a tablet.

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17 aug 2022
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